CandyLipz: The Secret Behind Natural Pouty, Sultry Lips

“You have beautiful lips.” This line is probably one of the best compliments any teenager, lady and woman can receive. It’s true, beauty is skin deep but looking great also does major boosting in women’s confidence. If you want to have the most beautiful lips in town that can rival Angelina Jolie’s or Kylie Jenner’s sans injections and surgery, CandyLipz promises to give just that!

Let’s check out how this much talked about award-winning lip plumper does wonders in this review!

CandyLipz Exposed!

CandyLipz is a natural lip plumper that creates a suction effect over the lips, causing blood flow and swelling to the area. With frequent use, many have gotten semi-permanent effects, thanks to this suction technique.


The inventor of the “Rolls Royce of lip plumper devices” is Dr. Thienna Ho. It was her flat lips (due to aging) that prompted her to create this magical product.

CandyLipz is available in 2 options:

Apple Sets – for smaller lips


How cute is the design? Place it on your lips and it looks as if you’re eating an apple (people won’t look at you if you use it in public)!

Licorice Sets – for larger lips (can also be used by men)

candylipz-licorice-setCandyLips is made of first-class materials. Looks pretty and classy, right?

It also comes in 2 styles – single-lobed and double-lobed lower lip, so you can choose if you want to plump both lips or just the upper lip or lower lip.


How CandyLipz Works

CandyLipz boasts of a creative design. It’s a silicone mold that you press onto your lips to produce a cupping effect that efficiently increases blood flow to the area. You can control the suction, how much or how little you want. This lip plumper uses a natural technique that gives you impressively voluminous lips within minutes!


Please note: Lip plumping may cause bruising or darkened lips at first, but this is natural. Regular use will make these effects go away. Put on some lipstick to cover it up for the meantime!

*Results are temporary (often lasts for 2 hours).

*Apply moisturizing balm, preferably a minty one after using CandyLipz to help keep the blood flow in the lips.

What Other People are Saying about CandyLipz

Candylipz Testimonial

Candylipz Results


“…My lips are bigger. It feels very natural…”

Here are some pictures of some CandyLipz users showing off their before and after lips!



For more “lip transformations”, check out CandyLipz’s Instagram account.

The Verdict

Is it worth the hype? YES! CandyLipz is the answer to that small and flat lip! It’s a safe and surgical-free alternative that will enhance your lips and total look. It’s a brilliant lip product that delivers more than expected. Try it out and see the unbelievable makeover right before your eyes!

Check out CandyLipz’s official website.

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  1. Laura Sutherland

    It’s a little uncomfortable at first but my lips actually look amazing. I won’t be ever going out without CandyLipz again.

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